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If you remove the obstacles and set the conditions for a plant, its nature is to flower. If you remove the obstacles and set the conditions for holistic recovery, its nature is to become genius. 

What if everything you were told is wrong with you, is the very signifier of your potential? From the negative thinking and craving, to the mind that simply won’t be contained by rules and regulations. What if instead of being signs of your weakness of character these are signs of your potential genius.

We are all familiar with trauma, addiction, depression and anxiety — and the lesser afflictions, such as negative thinking, resentment, reactivity, fear and restriction.

What most of us don’t know is that these are the very symptoms of genius— of untapped power and potential. In other words, your afflictions and your anxiety are not the problem, but the sign that there is unbelievable possibility awakening inside of you.


“The activities offered thru the restoration house helped me to overcome my PTSD. I was connected with Dr Robert Dee McDonald and he helped me get a new lease on life. I changed on the land. My heart opened, I was able to connect with people, it was a miracle.”  From Bob

“When Bob started deployments to Iraq he began to change. In 2004 his convoy was hit by an IED and he was nearly killed. His PTSD set in, he had screaming nightmares and erratic behavior. Thru the connections made with Restoration House I have the man I married back.” From Michelle

- Bob & Michelle

“My restoration began when I said yes. The Restoration team took my healing on with exquisite attention and stayed fully engaged while I confronted blocks and resistances that I couldn’t handle alone. Restoration House is a gift unparalleled by any other program for genuine care.”

- Anna

“The restoration house program gave me an amazing and unique experience. I was able to slow down and unplug in connection amongst the beautiful redwoods. Having that connection and being held while letting go allowed my mind to settle in a deeper way; and I was able to really hear what my body and soul are wanting.”

- Eleanor


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